Online Proofing & Approval

Increase project delivery by up to 56%

Welcome to the end of endless emails.
With more people working from home, more emails are being sent and email fatigue is kicking in.

Used by the top brands and agencies worldwide, our Online Proofing & Approval Solution streamlines review and approval processes as all approvals, rejections and changes are made to the document online – enhancing collaboration, increasing workflow efficiency and helping teams to deliver projects 56% faster with less effort and lower costs.

Collaborative review
and approval

Trying to consolidate feedback on your piece of creative content from multiple people and teams through email, can be a long and complicated task. And what happens when you have conflicting opinions and don’t know whose view takes precedence?

Our Online Proofing and Approval Solution consolidates and centralises all feedback, as reviewers can directly comment and annotate on your piece of creative content.

With the ability to receive clear and accurate feedback on over 150 file types – including print, web, interface, email and video – our platform improves team efficiency and reduces effort by 59%.

Manage your

Often we have several projects and campaigns to contend with at any one time. Trying to manage what stage single pieces of creative content have been approved, under review or have exceeded the deadline can be an arduous task.

With the workflow management tools included with our Online Proofing & Approval Solution you can set up automatic review and approval workflows with stages, reviewers and timelines to keep your projects and campaigns on track.

With real-time notifications on pending proofs for review, you can set approval status on the go when making time-critical decisions allowing reviewers to approve or decline creative content directly where the work is being done – allowing you to deliver projects 56% faster.

Review on
the move

As the number of people working from home increases, the need to be able to work flexibly and on the move has also increased.

Our Online Proofing and Approval solution is also available on mobile platforms so that content can be approved anywhere, at anytime so you can deliver your projects on time with no bottlenecks.
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