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Launch new products faster, and more effectively.
Keeping your company relevant and competitive whilst constantly researching, creating, improving and launching new products at any given time is a hard enough job let alone then having to manually report back to stakeholders on how well product launches are going.

Our Digital Asset Management, Digital Production Workflow, Online Proofing & Approval and Project & Work Management solutions give New Product Development (NPD) teams visibility and transparency from product concept to launch – allowing all stakeholders to track projects accurately, efficiently and with real-time insights.

Reduce time
looking for assets

If you don’t have the right Digital Asset Management platform in place finding all of the assets associated to a product can take hours, sometimes even days.

Our Digital Asset Management Solution is a simple, centralised repository where all employees can create, access, share and distribute digital assets including images, videos, PDFs and office documents.

Using easy-to-search metadata and tags all of the information that you need on one product can be found using just a few keywords – simplifying processes and helping to increase productivity.

Follow the product from start to finish

For New Product Developers being able to follow a product concept to launch can be an extremely satisfying.

However, without the correct workflow in place, this can’t be experienced.

Our Digital Production Workflow solution enables NPDs to follow a product from start to finish, including all amendments as well as repeat processes and steps from previous product launches – helping to give your team real-time insights as well as launch new products faster.


Email is normally the tool of choice when it comes to asking for feedback on a piece of creative content from multiple people and teams. However, trying to consolidate these opinions can be an arduous task – particularly when you have two opposing views – and often the approval process can take longer than it took you to create the piece of content in the first place.

With reviewers able to directly comment and review your creative content, as well as see what their colleagues have said, our Online Proofing & Approval Solution enables marketing teams to deliver projects 56% faster.


For New Product Developers being able to communicate with your team and stakeholders is vital.

However, this often means an increase in email communication where opinions and views can get mixed, lost or forgotten.

Streamlining review and approval processes as all approvals, rejections and changes can be directly made to a document online, our Online Proofing & Approval solution enables transparency and visibility – enhancing communication and collaboration between NPD teams.


To ensure that their new products stay competitive and can be launched as quickly as possible, NPD teams need to have a coordinated approach.

If the team is unsure of what each other is doing, updates can be missed and delays can occur.

Our Project & Work Management solution gives teams visibility of everyone’s workloads, priorities and deadlines – ensuring everyone has the tools in place to do their work so products are launched faster.
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