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Employees increasingly need to be able to work how, and where, they want.
And it often falls down to HR leaders to stay ahead of workplace trends and technology that acknowledge the way employees work today in order to help their teams and organisations be successful in today’s constantly changing work landscape.

Solutions for work that enable collaboration and make it easier to keep projects, employees, tasks and approvals organised will become increasingly important.

One platform for
all your assets

With more employees working from home, ensuring that there is seamless communication and collaboration between you, your team and the rest of your organisation is vital.

Our Digital Asset Management Solution is an easy-to-search centralised platform that enables employees to have access to all of the digital assets – including PDFs, office documents and images – that they need.

And for your team, you can securely store assets relating to each employee in the platform preventing work from being stalled if there’s a personnel change.


As the number of people working from home increases, as does email communication between internal teams.

However, trying to consolidate feedback on a piece of work from multiple teams and people is a time-consuming task.

Our Online Proofing and Approval Solution organises this feedback as it enables reviewers to directly comment and annotate on pieces of content – enabling collaboration and saving time.

Stay connected
to employees

The workforce has gone from local to global.

With this change in work environment, it can be difficult for HR teams to connect and communicate with employees as well as measure productivity and business outcomes to report back to the board.

Our Project & Work Management gives you visibility of workloads, priorities and that everyone is working on the right things – ensuring that effective communication and collaboration is taking place within your organisation.
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