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A proactive approach to Project Management.
For PMOs having the ability to see where bottlenecks may delay the production and project process and cause higher production costs is imperative.

Our Solutions enable projects to be delivered on time and on budget as we enable PMOs to have a holistic view of multiple projects, ensuring deadlines are met and increasing project updates by 60%.

find assets

With multiple projects to manage the last thing you need is deadlines not being met as time is being wasted looking for assets.

Using metadata, metrics and tags, our Digital Asset Management Solution integrates and automates the process of looking for digital assets.

Reducing time retrieving assets from hours or days, to just a few minutes.

decrease approval

One common bottleneck in the project management process is waiting for approvals.

Usually PMOs have several projects to contend with at any one time and if more than one person needs to approve each piece of content for each project it can cause delays in the project being completed.

With the workflow management tools – including real-time notifications for time-critical decisions – included with our Online Proofing & Approval Solution you can set up automatic review and approval workflows with stages, reviewers and timelines to keep your projects and campaigns on track.

full visibility
of your projects

Resource allocation and logistics coordination form a large part of a PMOs daily role.

But with outdated and inefficient tools in place and no centralised function for coordinating projects across teams or tasks it’s no wonder that important updates on project progress get missed. Meetings seem endless as you spend more time updating your team and reassessing and re-evaluating priorities than actually doing them.

Our Project & Work Management solution is a centralised platform that gives everyone in the Project Management team full visibility of their, and their team’s workloads, deadlines and priorities – reducing tracking time from hours to minutes, enhancing efficiency and communication.
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