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As a marketing professional, we understand that overseeing the tools, data, automation, and integrations is a fundamental element of your role.

Marketing is a fast-paced environment which requires your department to be analytical, systematic and methodical whilst always adhering to a high level of detail, at all times.

Ensuring that you have the correct solution to connect your large, growing and usually disjointed tech stack, is essential for driving data accuracy and the execution quality of campaigns.

Department Goals

Integrate marketing tech stack and improve cohesion between tools

Ensure marketing tools are working properly and data quality is high

Implement faster and more accurate execution of marketing campaigns for less

Optimise marketing performance / budget investment

Department Pain Points

Connecting/integrating a growing marketing tech stack

Fixing broken business processes due to integration inefficiencies, data silos/data quality
Lacking tools to accurately track and report on marketing metrics/spend for decision making
Keeping marketing spend within budget, costs down, whilst optimising campaign performance

How EIS can help

Improve Productivity

  • Effectively execute marketing campaigns faster
  • Automate day-to-day tasks
  • Get things done” quicker with a connected stack

Drive Revenue

  • Increase sales pipeline
  • Optimise the MQL – SQL process with high quality leads
  • Facilitate user acquisition

Reduce costs​

  • Eliminate duplicate and unnecessary licensing across tools
  • Decrease data errors
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Enhance data quality​

  • Enable better business decisions with data enrichment
  • Complete reporting
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Integrate existing systems & capabilities​

  • Break down data silos
  • Combine existing business applications with a powerful single platform
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Enrich your CRM and Marketing automation platforms
with up-to-date requests and lead information
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