Digital Production Workflow

Automate workflows, increase efficiency and enhance collaboration.

Workflows to manage your workload.
Projects and campaigns often have the same steps in order for them to be completed.

However, when working with multiple teams, processes and multi-channels it’s no wonder steps get missed, delays occur and costs begin to rise.

Our Digital Production Workflow automates complex tasks whilst enhancing collaboration across multi-channel campaigns enabling teams to deliver projects on time and on budget.

Save time
and money

When you are an expert at what you do, how you do it becomes second nature.

But what happens when you have to explain how you do it to someone else? It’s not hard to see how steps can get missed, especially when the process is complex and multiple teams are involved.

Intelligent Workflow Automation, part of our Digital Production Workflow Solution enables you to quickly start projects using preloaded templates that include all of the steps needed to complete the project – helping you to manage very complex processes with parallel workflows and fewer resources.


Multi-channel digital campaigns require intelligent workflows to ensure content is delivered on time and to specification.

With our workflow solutions, teams can be assured that their digital content and projects can be shared securely online, making it accessible for review and approval independent of location or time zone, or device.

Images for high quality print, video for broadcast or optimised for e-commerce, 3D for visualisation can be managed locally or in the cloud – enhancing efficiency on campaign collaboration.

Speed without
increasing costs

With fast results you have the capacity to complete more projects.

But costs can quickly escalate if you don’t have the correct workflow in place and receive a last minute change request, delaying the process.

Our customisable workflows not only allow you to repeat steps to reduce costs but also to tailor processes without costly delays and big change request fees.
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"DALIM's workflow [solution] takes each project from photography to selecting
the best image, preparing materials for the page delivery, creating the pages - and if
necessary, retouching the images."
BODEN, Creative Operations Manager
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