Pittsburgh Penguins

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The Pittsburgh Penguins are the premier NHL team of today, and one of biggest sports brands in the USA. Connecting fans with the team using digital media is part of their success story. How does Third Light’s media library software fit in? 

Centralising digital content.

The marketing team at the Pittsburgh Penguins deployed a Third Light server to centralise their media storage and streamline digital brand activities through a single, definitive media bank. 

Making an impact with digital media. 

Many sports teams are making the switch to Digital Asset & Content Management Solutions to efficiently extend digital media archives outside the organisation, while also maintain full control and management with internal users. 

Third Light also provides Digital Asset & Content Management Solutions for other major US franchises, including: Vancouver Canucks, the Denver Broncos, the Atlanta Hawks, the Charlotte Hornets, the Phoenix Suns. These leading teams and brands accelerated their digital activities with Third Light. Keeping fans and the media connected – and spreading their passion for sport – means using digital content effectively. 

Erik Watts, Senior Director, Technology at the Pittsburgh Penguins commented:

“For a professional hockey team, photo management is an essential part of our marketing and brand. We selected Third Light for their easy to use, feature-rich product and helpful team. We are years ahead of where we were just several months ago”

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