National Legal Firm

Improving client service delivery and saving staff time by automating an inefficient process.

A dedicated team of solicitors who excel in handling hundreds of property sales, with twelve suppliers with various document layouts and naming conventions, all of which currently have to be manually entered into their property management software.

We engaged with their team to understand their end-to-end process and map it out.

With our expertise and knowledge, we created a leaner automated process with integration into their 3rd party software, saving hours of time per day and removing the risk of human error.

Automated data extraction solution

Handling Legal Documents. Manual entry is required to transfer information from received forms to their backend systems (SIMS). A lack of tracking, visibility, reminders, and reporting  makes the process time-consuming and manual for users.

Bringing staff on board

A digital workflow has been set up to process received forms using AI & Machine Learning to extract essential information from handwritten and typed sections. The extracted data is then seamlessly transferred directly into their backend system.

Partnering with Ethos

A streamlined process saving hours of manual labour:

  • Previously, processing legal documents involved extensive manual data entry from received forms into the backend systems (SIMS), lacking tracking, visibility, reminders, and reporting.

  • Implemented a digital workflow that uses AI & Machine Learning to extract crucial information from hand-written and typed forms, efficiently transferring data directly into the backend systems.

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