Brand Management

Consistent presentation of your brand

Consistent presentation of a brand across different platforms can increase your revenue by 23%.
Brand consistency ensures that your organisation is established in your preferred market position and the better you are at positioning your brand in the marketplace, the more success your company will have.

But with countless brand assets to control and a shift in where you and your colleagues work how do you ensure your brand stays consistent?

Our Brand Management Platform centralises your brand assets to uphold brand consistency across various touch points – boosting your brand’s reputation whilst increasing productivity and efficiency.

your assets

Marketers will look for an asset 16 times a day – and fail to find it 35% of the time. The Hub puts your brand identity guidelines in context with your brand assets, enabling you to set the standards that define your brand and securing your brand recognition.

As everything brand-related is available from one single source, marketers can maintain quality, consistency and control of your brand across all channels – saving valuable time for tasks that add real brand value.

'On Brand'

Whilst 95% of companies have brand guidelines, only 25% comply with them.

With the Template Studio you can create ‘on brand’ versions of any printed material, email, social, video and web banners, without the need for design skills – enabling you to eliminate risks by setting up boundaries of what is, and isn’t allowed, and ensuring that teams across the globe can produce ‘on brand’ marketing content in seconds.

display ads

Display ads are a great way of putting your brand in front of your preferred marketplace but keeping track of various adverts across multiple platforms can be challenging.

With our Display Ads tool you can simplify how you manage your banner ads using pre-defined templates to create striking HTML banner ads with no coding required as well as make last-minute changes in real-time to keep up with trends – enabling you to easily target and retarget your advertising to your preferred audience.
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What our customers say
"Our Global setup demands fast delivery of a diverse selection of marketing
materials. It is essential that we can deliver on time regardless of restaurant or
time zone whilst staying true to our brand. Having a brand management
platform with everything in one place, is an essential demand for seamless organisational operations."
O'LEARY'S, Project Manager Brand
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